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Megacity Green Heights

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When civilizations became conscious about human shelters, quality and plan came first in the list to construct buildings, colonies, towns and cities. People’s city centrism turned cities into megacities which require grand planning of resources through great and creative minds. Very few firms like Megacity Engineers & Architects contributes to the greater good in such manner.

Megacity Engineers and Architects strives for quality in building and servicing the whole spectrum of real-estate through consultancy and construction works with experienced, dedicated and committed hands

What We Do

We have wide range of services to offer. Contact us to pick one you are seeking for

Design Work

Designing layout plan for residential, industrial and commercial infrastructure.

Assessment Work

Assessing earthquake vulnerability, detailing engineering assessment accord and bridging alliances and other certification bodies standard.

Retrofitting Work

Consulting, planning and executing fixes for old and vulnerable infrastructures.

Construction Work

Managing and developing site constructions in the most efficient manner possible.

The Team

Meet the experienced, talented, dedicated and energized MEGACITY Team who are always behind you to ensure the best possible service.
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Bangladesh Office

Dhaka: Noakhali Tower,
Floor No: 7/A (Lift-6), 55/B,
Purana Polton. Dhaka-1000

Oman Office

Name: Akhder Engineering & Consultancy
Postal Code: 119, Amrat, Near Sultan Centre R/A, Building NO: 123, Flat: 18, Muscat Sultanate of Oman, C.R NO: 1260963

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